Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brown-Nagin to HLS

Yesterday the Harvard Law School posted a press release announcing the appointment of LHB's own Tomiko Brown-Nagin to the Harvard Law School.  The release includes the following from Dean Martha Minow
 Tomiko Brown-Nagin's superb scholarship illuminates the roles of individuals, social movements, as well as political and legal structures in historical struggles over civil rights with assiduous attention to local details and fearless examination of tensions among allies. I am delighted that she will bring her expertise in law and social change, constitutional law, and American history, along with her intellectual curiosity and devotion to mentoring students at Harvard. I know that she will also strengthen ties between the law school and the Department of History.
Congratulations, Harvard!


  1. This is very exciting! Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations. I enjoyed the discussion of your book at the ASLH annual meeting. Thanks for helping us rethink our conceptions of the black community.

    David Pye, Ph.D.
    University of West Georgia

  3. Thank you, and thanks for attending the Author Meets Reader panel. Excellent commentary by Matt Countryman, Chana Kai Lee, and Risa Goluboff, all of whom have written terrific books on civil rights, made for a rich conversation, I thought.