Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dale to Edit Law and History Review

[We have the following announcement via H-Law.]

The American Society for Legal History is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Dale of the University of Florida has agreed to become the next editor of Law and History Review.  Professor Dale is an accomplished legal historian who has written four books–most recently, Criminal Justice in the United States, 1789-1939 (Cambridge University Press, 2011)–and numerous articles and book chapters.  She will succeed Professor David Tanenhaus of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, who has been editor for eight very successful years.


  1. How terrific for LHR! Congratulations to Elizabeth!

  2. This is great news! Congratulations, Elizabeth.

  3. Thanks Mary (and congrats to you, as well, for the Emory post)


  4. This is wonderful news for LHR. Elizabeth will be an outstanding editor.


  5. I'm also really happy with the selection of Elizabeth as editor. More than any other job under the purview of the American Society for Legal History, the editor of Law and History Review is the steward of our little scholarly subdiscipline. The field has thrived because David Tannenhaus and Chris Tomlins were so intelligent, imaginative, and diligent in discharging this responsibility. It’s terrific that the job is passing to Elizabeth, because she cares about legal history as much as they did (and do).