Friday, November 14, 2008

Delahunty: Back to Butterfield

Robert J. Delahunty, University of St. Thomas School of Law, has posted "Herbert Butterfield, Christianity, and International Law," which is forthcoming in volume 86 of the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review. Here is the abstract:
A recent article by the economist Samuel Brittan in The Financial Times was entitled "Make the world safe from crusaders." In his article, Mr. Brittan discussed one of the two books that most influenced him as a student. That book was Christianity, Diplomacy and War, and its author, Sir Herbert Butterfield, was one of the most eminent British historians of the twentieth century. Brittan noted that it was deeply regrettable that Butterfield's book "seems to have passed into oblivion... For there is no better antidote to the fantasies of the American neo-conservatives or the European liberal imperialists." Brittan is exactly right. Butterfield's work on the subjects of diplomacy and war, and the relationships of both to Christianity, deserves to be recollected, pondered and evaluated.