Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Law and Society Assn. Call for Papers

The 2007 Law and Society Association annual meeting is in Berlin! It will be July 25-28. The theme for the meeting is Law and Society in the 21st Century: Transformations, Resistances, Futures. For complete information about submitting a proposal and attending the meeting, go here. There is even a blog for the meeting, although you need to register for it here. The deadline for proposals is January 12.

Special note to graduate students, junior scholars and independent scholars: because of its policy of openness, the LSA is the easiest major scholarly meeting to get on the program. Many established legal historians (including yours truly) presented their first conference paper at an LSA meeting. So do not be dissuaded if you have not submitted a proposal before, or if you don't know anyone to organize a panel with. When I served on the Program Committee, we bent over backwards to find places for as many individual papers as we could.

LSA is an especially good place for comparative constitutional law and other comparative topics, with many panels in past years. For legal historians interested in comparative, transnational or international legal history, even when held stateside, Law and Society is an exceptionally good venue for that sort of work.