Monday, February 20, 2012

Incorporating the Humanities into the Core Law School Curriculum

The California Law Review's online companion, The Circuit, is currently featuring a mini-symposium on incorporating the humanities into the core law school curriculum.

Ariela Gross (University of Southern California) contributed a piece titled "Teaching Humanities Softly: Bringing a Critical Approach to the First-Year Contracts Class Through Trial and Error." 

Rose Cuison Villazor (Hofstra University) writes about "Teaching Property Law and What It Means to Be Human."

Other contributors include Melissa Murray (University of California, Berkeley), Carol Sanger (Columbia University), Natasha Martin (Seattle University), Zahr Said (University of Washington), Bret Asbury (Drexel University), Lenora Ledwon (St. Thomas University), and David Sklansky (University of California, Berkeley).  The symposium resulted from this year's meeting of the AALS Section on Law and the Humanities.