Thursday, October 4, 2018

Special Issue: Indian Ocean of Law

Itinerario Volume 42 - Special Issue2 -  The Indian Ocean of Law: Hybridity and SpaceItinerario's new special issue on "The Indian Ocean of Law: Hybridity and Space" is now out. Here is the table of contents for the journal, 42:2 (August 2018):

  • Mahmood Koorie and Sanne Ravensbergen, "The Indian Ocean of Law: Hybridity and Space"
  • Fahad Ahmad Bishara, “Imagining Oceans of Law: Oman and East Africa, circa 1910”
  • Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, “On Mobile Legal Spaces and Maritime Empires: The Pillage of the East Indiaman Osterley (1779)”
  • Mahmood Kooria, “The Dutch Mogharaer, Arabic Muḥarrar, and Javanese Law Books: A VOC Experiment with Muslim Law in Java, 1747–1767″
  • Nadeera Rupesinghe, “Navigating Pluralities Reluctantly: The Marriage Contract in Dutch Galle”
  • Sanne Ravensbergen, “Anchors of Colonial Rule: Pluralistic Courts in Java, ca. 1803–1848”
  • Elizabeth Lhost, "Writing Law at the Edge of Empire: Evidence from the Qazis of Bharuch (1799-1864)"
  • Byapti Sur, “Individual Interests Behind the Institutional Façade: The Dutch East India Company’s Legal Presence in Seventeenth-Century Mughal Bengal”
Further information is available here.

(H/t: Elizabeth Lhost's Law, Religion, History)