Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Book Review Roundup

Ramachandra Guha's Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World, 1914-1948 is reviewed in The New York Times.

In The Nation, Gabriel Winant reviews Andrea Komlosy's Work: The Last 1,000 Years.  Also reviewed is Broken Lives: How Ordinary Germans Experienced the 20th Century by Konrad H. Jarausch.

In The New York Review of Books, Heather Ann Thompson reviews Scott Wasserman Stern's The Trials of Nina McCall: Sex, Surveillance, and the Decades-Long Government Plan to Imprison “Promiscuous” WomenAdditionally, Drew Gilpin Faust reviews a reissued edition of Pauli Murray's autobiography Song in a Weary Throat: Memoir of an American Pilgrimage.

Historian Adam Tooze's Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World is reviewed in The Washington Post.

A History of America in Ten Strikes by Erik Loomis is reviewed in The New Republic.

Mary Sarah Bilder's Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention is reviewed at HNN.

At Public Books, Austin McCoy reviews As Black as Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation by Zoé Samudzi and William C. Anderson and An Unseen Light: Black Struggles for Freedom in Memphis, Tennesseeedited by Aram Goudsouzian and Charles W. McKinney Jr.

Barry Eidlin's Labor and the Class Idea in the United States and Canada is reviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

At the New Books Network, Theodore M. Porter speaks about his Genetics in the Madhouse: The Unknown History of Human Heredity.

Mark Golub's Is Racial Equality Unconstitutional? is reviewed at the Law and Politics Book Review.  Also on the site is a review of Kenneth Ehrenberg's The Functions of Law.