Friday, May 1, 2020

Call for Contributors: Springer Global Encyclopaedia of Territorial Rights

Kevin W. Gray, in his capacity as editor of the Springer Global Encyclopaedia of Territorial Rights, is in search of contributors on several historical treaties and issues of international law. 
The aim of this encyclopedia is to bring together the expanding field of scholarship on "territorial rights" in a single tool for advanced researchers. The study of territorial rights has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. It combines the work of political scientists, philosophers, lawyers, geographers, demographers, scholars of war studies and many others. Until now, however, the literature on territorial rights has generally remained confined inside standard disciplines.

The goal of this new volume is to provide a reference tool for scholars working across traditional boundaries. Several hundred entries, researched by area experts with advanced knowledge of the scholarly literature, are written in language comprehensible to a wide academic audience. Each entry surveys typical concepts and terminology and offers an up-to-date synopsis of leading scholarship on one or more of the component disputes that surface when territorial rights are contested, such as cross-border migration, resource extraction, secessionism, state sovereignty, border-drawing, restorative justice. The most important conflicts about territorial rights in the world today are explored alongside some of history's pertinent and informative disputes.

The volume is a comprehensive introduction to these issues for non-specialists and for advanced students who wish to be acquainted with this growing field of study. Its principal objective is to consolidate interdisciplinary knowledge about territorial rights in a research tool designed to facilitate advanced scholarship in this critical area for years to come. 
In particular, Dr. Gray seeks contributors on the Treaty of Wanghia; the Treaty of Tordesillas, the Treaty of Ghent, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Gadsden Purchase, and the Florida Purchase.  Those interested should contact him at 1 647 990 6186 or