Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conversations in Law and Society: Edelman interviews Friedman, et al

I recently stumbled upon a neat oral history project: Conversations in Law and Society, conducted by the Center for the Study of Law and Society at Berkeley Law. Under the leadership of Lauren Edelman and Calvin Morrill, the Center has created a video archive of interviews with the founders and leading figures of the Law & Society field.

The roster of interviewees is impressive: the first three were Joseph R. Gusfield (Professor of Sociology Emeritus, University of California, San Diego), Stewart Macaulay (Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Lawrence Friedman (Marion Rice Kirkwood Professor of Law and Professor of History and Political Science, Stanford University) (pictured at right). Laura Nader (Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley) and Marc Galanter (Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison) are on deck.

Videos of the interviews are available on the Center's website.