Monday, November 27, 2006

About forgetting...

I have a new paper about a forgotten case, that argues that sometimes the resolution of cases is especially about restoring breaches in American identity. To accomplish that, to restore the nation, what happens to the person at the heart of the case is forgotten. For more, go here.

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Alfred L. Brophy said...

Thank you for the paper and welcome. It's a lovely paper and an important story. It's sad how people who ought to be at the center of these stories (the defendants or the litigants) are pushed aside--how the people whose lives are crushed end up as the vehicles for other people to act on the stage.

I'd not heard of the tragic case before, though I've spent some time in Marion and in their antebellum courthouse, which sits at the center of the town square. Pretty interesting place and pretty remote.

One quick comment. I believe that Coretta Scott King was from Marion.