Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bernstein Revisits Berger's "Impeachment"

Over at the website of Studies in Legal History, the website of the ASLH’s book series, R. B. Bernstein, City College of New York, revisits one of the series’ first volumes, Raoul Berger’s Impeachment: The Constitutional Problems (1973), in light of current events.  A taste:
In today’s atmosphere of constitutional sturm und drang, many are revisiting the 1972-1974 Watergate crisis, which forced President Richard M. Nixon to resign. The Studies in Legal History series played a supporting role in that crisis by publishing Raoul Berger’s Impeachment: The Constitutional Problems (1973). Impeachment made Berger a major figure in the impeachment debates. His stature as a leading constitutional scholar and a progenitor of originalist jurisprudence was evident then, and only grew over time.

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