Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blumenthal, Seo, Witt, and Mikhail on Common Sense Philosophy

The spring 2008 issue of Law and History Review is up on the history cooperative website. You may be particularly interested in the forum "Consciousness and Culpability on Trial," which features Susanna Blumenthal's The Mind of a Moral Agent: Scottish Common Sense and the Problem of Responsibility in Nineteenth- Century American Law. The comments are by Sarah Seo and John Witt, The Metaphysics of Mind and the Practical Science of the Law, and John Mikhail Scottish Common Sense and Nineteenth-Century American Law: A Critical Appraisal. Blumenthal also has a response, Metaphysics, Moral Sense, and the Pragmatism of the Law.

Close readers of legalhistoryblog may recall that we've spoken about the most interesting discussion between Blumenthal and Mikhail already. This forum is worth some serious attention and we're all eagerly awaiting Blumenthal's book on this topic.