Saturday, February 2, 2008

Historians on the Candidates

Historians have weighed in on the leading presidential candidates of both parties. Jon Weiner has something of a round-up at Huffington Post: If Obama is JFK, Who Does That Make Hillary? Hat tip.

For other takes: Competing Visions of the Presidency by Sean Wilentz; 'The better angels' side with Obama, by Joseph Ellis; Shades of 1960, by Eileen McNamara, and various takes on "Obamarama" on History News Network, including this one by James Livingston. On the primaries themselves, Daniel Galvin, History as a Guide to the Presidential Primaries? Nah… And finally, The Dems are so 20th Century, and the Republicans, so 19th Century by Gil Troy. Hat tips HNN and Cliopatria.