Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Welcome, Matthew Mirow!

We welcome as this month's guest blogger Matthew Mirow, professor of law at the Florida International University College of Law  The holder of doctorates in law from Leiden and Cambridge universities, as well as a JD from Cornell, Professor Mirow is the author of Latin American Law: A History of Private Law and Institutions in Spanish America (University of Texas Press, 2004); Florida’s First Constitution: The Constitution of Cádiz (Carolina Academic Press, 2012); and, just this year, Latin American Constitutions: The Constitution of Cádiz and its Legacy in Spanish America (Cambridge University Press, 2015).  “Although drafted in Spain,” Professor Mirow explains, the Constitution of Cádiz “was applied in many regions of Latin America, and deputies from America formed a significant part of the drafting body. The politicization of constitutionalism reflected in Latin America's first moments proved to be a lasting legacy evident in the legal and constitutional world of the region today: many of Latin America's present challenges to establishing effective constitutionalism can be traced to the debates, ideas, structures, and assumptions of this text.”