Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dhir Workshop on "Black Star Line, Inc.: Race in the Historical Life of the Corporation"

The University of Connecticut Business & Human Rights Workshop is hosting a virtual workshop tomorrow (Thursday, February 18) with Aaron Dhir (Osgoode Hall Law School/Yale Law School). He'll be discussing "Black Star Line, Inc.: Race in the Historical Life of the Corporation":

From approximately 1916 to 1922, Marcus Garvey established himself as one of the most influential — and controversial — leaders in Black America. This seminar will examine Garvey’s ill-fated effort to use the Black Star Line, a Delaware-incorporated shipping firm, as an organizing vehicle for Black economic, social, and political independence. It will explore a complex set of socio-legal questions, including: How is race present in the historical life of the American business corporation? Who is traditionally thought of as an insider and an outsider in American capital markets? How have racially-inflected power asymmetries appeared in the fabric of the market? And how has the politically-motivated use of business regulation thwarted the entrepreneurial efforts and political goals of racial minority groups?

Registration info is available here.

-- Karen Tani