Monday, February 8, 2021

AJLH 60:3

American Journal of Legal History 60: 3 (September 2020) has been published.
The Southern and Western Prehistory of “Liberty of Contract”: Revisiting the Path to Lochner in Light of the New History of American Capitalism  
Gabrielle E Clark
Race and Relevance: Arthur Garfield Hays and the Integration of the American Bar Association, 1938-1943    
Richard F Hamm
Citizenship in Empire: The Legal History of U.S. Citizenship in American Samoa, 1899-1960
Ross Dardani
Gendering Citizenship and Decolonizing Justice in 1960s Ghana: Revisiting the Struggle for Family Law Reform    
Kate Skinner
Book Reviews

Katie Donington, The Bonds of Family: Slavery, Commerce and Culture in the British Atlantic World    Matilde Cazzola
Sam Erman, Almost Citizens: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Constitution, and Empire    
Taylor Lauren Frazier
Susan Bartie, Free Hands and Minds: Pioneering Australian Legal Scholars    
Fiona Cownie