Friday, February 26, 2021

Sugarman on Fitzpatrick, Twining, and Brooks

David Sugarman, Professor Emeritus at the Lancaster University Law School and an Honorary Fellow of the American Society for Legal History, has posted biographical essays of three legal scholars: Becoming Peter Fitzpatrick (1941-2020); William Twining: The Man Who Radicalized the Middle Ground; and Law, Law-Consciousness and Lawyers as Constitutive of Early Modern England: Christopher W. Brooks's Singular Journey.  The first is forthcoming in a special issue of International Journal of Law in Context 17:1 (March 2021), devoted to Peter Fitzpatrick and his scholarship.  The second will appear in another special issue of the same journal, devoted to Twining’s Jurist in Context: A Memoir.  The third appeared in Law, Lawyers and Litigants in Early Modern England. Essays in Memory of Christopher W. Brooks, ed. Michael Lobban, Joanne Begiato and Adrian Green (Cambridge University Press, 2019) 32-57.

--Dan Ernst