Thursday, February 6, 2014

Call for Proposals for the 129th Annual Meeting of the AHA

The deadline (Feb. 15) is approaching for submitting proposals to the American Historical Association for the 129th Annual Meeting of the AHA. The theme of the upcoming meeting -- "History and the Other Disciplines" -- may be of particular interest to LHB readers. Here's an excerpt from the announcement:
The 129th annual meeting of the American Historical Association will be held on January 2–5, 2015, in New York City. The Program Committee welcomes proposals from all members of the Association, whatever their institutional affiliation or status, as well as from affiliated societies, historians working outside the United States, and scholars in related disciplines. The theme for the meeting, described in greater detail on the following pages, is "History and the Other Disciplines." While seeking proposals for sessions that explore facets of this broad theme, we also welcome submissions on the histories of all places and periods, on many different topics, on the uses of varied sources and methods, and on theory and the uses of history itself. We also invite members to employ and analyze diverse strategies for representing the past, including fiction, poetry, film, music, and art. The AHA is a capacious organization, unique among learned societies in its devotion to the full range of historical scholarship and practice. We hope that our program will reflect this strength, and to this end, we will seriously consider any proposal that advances the study, teaching, and public presentation of history.
The 2015 annual meeting will also continue the discussions, launched at the 2012 meeting in Chicago, of the ways that historical practice is changing as a result of the ongoing digital revolution. We thus invite proposals on what it means to practice history in this digital age, and what new technologies imply for how we do research, how we present our findings, and how we interact with a variety of current and potential audiences. We welcome proposals that focus not only on cutting-edge "digital history," but also on the broad implications of digital technologies for all historical practitioners.
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H-Law also recently circulated the following:
Seeking to form a panel for the American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting / Conference in New York City, January 2-5, 2015. In keeping with the theme “History and the Other Disciplines,” this panel will feature historical work informed by the discipline of law. Papers can be expressly interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary, but should include the use of the disciplinary concerns/perspectives of legal scholars, whether judges, lawyers or legal academics. Please contact Ian Drake at, with “AHA2015” in subject line. 

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