Monday, August 4, 2014

Journal of Supreme Court History: July 2014 Issue

The July 2014 issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History is now available online. Here's the TOC:
Melvin I. Urofsky


A Better Story in Prigg v. Pennsylvania?
H. Robert Baker

Judicial Modesty in the Wartime Context: Roosevelt v. Meyer (1863) 
Dawinder S. Sidhu

Doing Brandeis Justice: the Development of the Liebmann Dissent
Jessie Steffan

Debunking Douglas: The Case Against Writing Both Majority and Minority Opinions
Craig Alan Smith

Supreme Court Messenger, 1977 Term
Thomas G. Snow

Afterword: A Short History of the Messenger Position at the Supreme Court
Matthew Hofstedt

The Burger Court and the Conflict Over the Rational Basis Test: The Untold Story of Massachusetts Board of Retirement v. Murgia.
Earl M. Maltz

Judicial Bookshelf
D. Grier Stephenson, Jr.

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