Monday, October 12, 2009

The Areeda Papers

Thanks to David Warrington, Harvard Law School Library, for drawing my attention to the following inventory for the papers of Phillip E. Areeda at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library in Abilene, Kansas. According to the inventory, the nine linear feet of papers
cover the years 1952-1962 but most of them deal with the period from 1956 when he was a member of the White House Staff. In July 1956, Mr. Areeda was appointed Special Assistant in the White House and in November 1958, he was appointed Assistant Special Counsel to the President. In this position he helped draft and research White House staff studies dealing with economic and legal matters

The papers consist of a chronological file, a subject file and a book file. Over half of the collection pertains to foreign economic policy, particularly trade agreements programs, imports, Escape Clause, and Section 22 Actions, international aviation, and maritime shipping. The type of material includes memoranda and position papers by the Departments of State, Commerce, Agriculture and other government agencies; statements by Dwight D. Eisenhower; fact sheets; briefing papers and printed material. While the majority of the foreign trade policy material is concerned with Escape Clause and Section 22 Actions on imports, there is some material on several countries and regions including, Cuba, Europe, India, Hong Kong, Japan, South America, the Soviet Union, and the United Arab Republic. Some unclassified reports include a study of Cuba under Castro; a review of reciprocal trade programs since 1934; State Department answers to twenty-two questions set forth by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on U.S. trade with the Soviet Union; and economic briefing papers concerning President Eisenhower’s good will trip to South America in 1960.

Probably a third of the collection is of a legal nature and covers such subjects as jurisdiction of federal courts, antitrust concepts, labor law, international aviation, and maritime flags of convenience. Much of this material consists of briefs, excerpts, and copies of court decisions, Civil Aeronautics Board opinions, and analyses by Mr. Areeda and others of legal issues.

Other subjects in the collection are: the budgets (1958-61) including messages by President Eisenhower; Republican political literature; and speech material used mainly by Mr. Areeda and Gabriel Hauge. Major correspondents include: Sherman Adams; General Andrew Goodpaster; Gabriel Hauge; Bryce Harlow; David Kendall; Gerald Morgan; Robert Merriam; General Wilton Persons; Clarence Randall; and Don Paarlberg.

A small amount of correspondence concerns Mr. Areeda’s personal affairs such as the position on the Harvard Law School Faculty which he accepted in 1961. The book file includes material for a book which Mr. Areeda was working on. This was probably Antitrust Analysis which he published in 1967.