Friday, April 23, 2021

Symposium: The Federalist Constitution

We have already noted some contributions to this excellent symposium issue, The Federalist Constitution, but it has now been published in full as Fordham Law Review 89:5 (April 2021):

David S. Schwartz, Jonathan Gienapp, John Mikhail, & Richard Primus

Two Federalist Constitutions of Empire
Gregory Ablavsky

Without Doors: Native Nations and the Convention
Mary Sarah Bilder

President Madison’s Living Constitution: Fixation, Liquidation, and Constitutional Politics in the Jeffersonian Era
Saul Cornell

In Search of Nationhood at the Founding
Jonathan Gienapp

Slavery’s Constitution: Rethinking the Federal Consensus
Maeve Glass

The Federalist Constitution as a Project in International Law
David M. Golove & Daniel J. Hulsebosch

The Unwritten Constitution for Admitting States
Roderick M. Hills Jr.

Article IX, Article III, and the First Congress: The Original Constitutional Plan for the Federal Courts, 1787-1792
Thomas H. Lee

Executive Power and the Rule of Law in the Marshall Court: A Rereading of Little v. Barreme and Murray v. Schooner Charming Betsy
Jane Manners

Equal Footing and the States “Now Existing”: Slavery and State Equality over Time
James E. Pfander & Elena Joffroy

Reframing Article I, Section 8
Richard Primus

The Other Madison Problem
David S. Schwartz & John Mikhail

Presidential Removal: The Marbury Problem and the Madison Solutions
Jed Handelsman Shugerman

–Dan Ernst