Friday, December 1, 2006

Gateway to Global American Studies

The American Studies Association has just announced an important new web resource: a website with links to American Studies journals around the world. Here's the description:
This website provides scholars with a one-stop shop for the latest research published in American studies journals throughout the world. Organized by the International Initiative of the American Studies Association and funded by the Andrew F. Mellon Foundation, this site is the outcome of a collaboration between 31 journal editors in 17 countries.

Just one example, the site has a link to Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, which has a special issue: "Deterritorializing American Culture."

(By the way -- on the topic of territory and its limits, American culture and law, see Legal Borderlands: Law and the Construction of American Borders, the Sept. 2005 issue of American Quarterly, republished as a collection by Johns Hopkins. The fabulous Leti Volpp co-edited with me, and the issue includes essays by many luminaries, including Devon Carbado, Austin Sarat, Teemu Ruskola, Linda Kerber, Amy Kaplan and many others.)

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