Monday, August 18, 2008


Based on usual traffic, by today the Legal History Blog should have its 200,000th visitor since its launch in late November 2006.* Visitors are from all over the world, and every continent except Antarctica. This means, I hope, that there is worldwide interest in new scholarship in legal history.

Thank you for visiting, and special thanks to fellow bloggers who link to the Legal History Blog!

*Since I am overseas, I've schedule this post in advance. To see the actual total today, scroll down to the very bottom of the blog.


Alfred Brophy said...

Congratulations, Mary--and Dan, too. I agree this is a sign of legal history's vitality. I hope you might talk at some point about the ways that legal history is migrating from a separate course into a methodology. I think it's increasingly viewed as a way of approaching problems (similar, in some ways to law and economics). But perhaps this is just provincial thinking on my part.

stefan said...

Why the 'K' in the post title? Isn't it either 200,000 or 200K?

Mary L. Dudziak said...

Stefan is, of course, correct -- post is now fixed. As I mentioned in an earlier post, errors/glitches couldn't be corrected while I was overseas and off-line.

By the way, I always appreciate hearing about errors. Proofreading is not one of my strengths. E-mail is a great way to let me and Dan know, and posting a comment works also.