Friday, November 19, 2010

Call for ASLH Bloggers

Guest posts on panels at the upcoming meeting of the American Society for Legal History would be most welcome.  If you would like to "claim" a panel to blog about, please do so by leaving a comment.

Excellent posts from last year are here, here, here, here, and here.

Update:    If you're thinking about contributing, here are a few details:
  • no tech abilities needed:  you send us the post, and we put it up for you.
  • ideal length:  under 1000 words.  But if you have more to say, we can accommodate longer posts.
  • while posts on panels are most common, ASLH posts on other topics are also welcome (e.g. a post from a first-timer about what the meeting is like).
  • for timing:  there's no firm deadline, but it's best to send your post as soon as you can, and certainly within a week.


Karen Tani said...

Grad students -- this is a great opportunity to get your name out there. It will also force you to take good notes on the papers and comments you're hearing!

Anders Walker said...

I'd be happy to cover "Lost Intersections: Labor, Civil Rights, and Feminism in Twentieth Century U.S. Legal Advocacy," Saturday at 4:15.

Mary L. Dudziak said...

Thanks, Anders!

Karen Tani said...
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Karen Tani said...

Josh Stein has offered to cover "Slavery, Law, Religion and Power." He might also do "Prostitution Larceny Murder and the Problem of Imperial Sovereignty," but will hold off if someone else "claims" it.

Christopher Capozzola said...

I'd be glad to cover "The Legal Construction of an American Imperial Order, 1877-1913," on Saturday afternoon if no one else has volunteered.

Mary L. Dudziak said...

Great -- thanks Chris.