Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Important Announcement from H-Law

This morning we received the following announcement from H-Law:
The editorial board of H-LAW has the sad duty of informing H-LAW’s membership that Professor Christopher Waldrep of San Francisco State University, H-LAW’s founding editor, head moderator, and chief book review editor, has suffered a stroke.  At present we neither can nor will speculate on his condition, his recovery, or his return to H-LAW. We wish him and his family well, and we are keeping all of them in our thoughts and prayers.

For the present, Professor Charles L. Zelden of Nova Southeastern University will serve as acting head moderator of H-LAW.  H-LAW’s assistant book review editors, Michael Bryant and Ethan Zadoff, are working with Professor Zelden and with the former assistant book review editor, Professor Michael Pfeifer of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, to oversee the book review operation – including receipt of commissioned reviews and their processing through the H-NET Reviews system.

On a practical level, anyone who has posted to H-LAW since Friday, 4 November 2011, is encouraged to repost his or her message to H-LAW. Any reviewer who has recently submitted a review to Chris Waldrep but has heard nothing should re-send the review either to Michael Bryant at mbryant@bryant.edu or to Ethan Zadoff at ezadoff@gc.cuny.edu.

As we look forward to Chris’s recovery and return to service, the H-LAW editorial board pledges, in the interim, its best efforts to maintain the high standards of collegial and open discussion that Chris’s leadership has so long embodied.
We at the Legal History Blog are saddened by this news and wish Professor Waldrep a speedy recovery.

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Mary L. Dudziak said...

Long before blogs were on the horizon, Chris Waldrep's work on H-Law has brought legal history news to a wider world. At the same time he has continued his own important work on the history of lynching, and hosted conferences on rights in constitutional history. His bio and links to his work are here: http://bss.sfsu.edu/waldrep/index.html

We need you back, Chris, so please get well soon.