Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome, Felicia Kornbluh!

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We are thrilled to announce that Felicia Kornbluh will be joining us for the month of December.  She is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Vermont, where she is also the Director of the Program in Women's and Gender Studies.  Her 2007 book The Battle for Welfare Rights: Poverty and Politics in Modern America (University of Pennsylvania Press) won high praise for illuminating the complexities of the welfare rights movement in one of its epicenters, New York City, and for providing broader insights into women's activism, poverty law and policy, civil rights, and urban politics in the post-World War Two U.S.  She is also the author of a terrific recent JAH article on the National Federation of the Blind and the "Right to Organize" in the 1950s.

She is currently deep into a study of gender, disability, and the law of equality, which centers on activist-scholar Jacobus tenBroek, but I know that she has other irons in the fire as well. We are looking forward to hearing about them. Welcome, Felicia Kornbluh!

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Alfred Brophy said...

Really looking forward to your posts! I'd be particularly interested in your thoughts about how the subjects legal historians write about have changed (or are changing). One of the many things I really like about The Battle for Welfare Rights is that you open up so much new area for legal history study -- from the people we study, to time period, and subject matter.