Saturday, February 10, 2007

Patterson reviews Fairclough, A Class of Their Own: Black Teachers in the Segregated South

James Patterson reviews Adam Fairclough, A CLASS OF THEIR OWN: Black Teachers in The Segregated South in this Sunday's Washington Post. Patterson writes:

Although few histories devote much attention to black teachers in the South between 1865 and 1965, these men and women were in many ways the backbone of the black middle class. The educational infrastructure that they painstakingly erected did a great deal to discredit Jim Crow, and the accomplishments of these unheralded educators were just as dramatic and important as those of better known heroes of the civil rights movement.
Adam Fairclough, a British historian who has written widely about that movement, tells this story very well. A Class of Their Own is a judicious exploration of a largely unstudied subject; it belongs on any well-stocked shelf of scholarly works on the Jim Crow South.

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