Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vintage E-Valentines/Valentine's History

It may be late in the day for this, but if you're snowed in, some readers may still have use for vintage e-Valentines, on an Indiana University Library webpage. Click here. I found this via a nice post on the history of Valentine's Day over at Out of the Jungle. (I've been meaning to link to Out of the Jungle -- which is a law blog, not a wilderness expedition blog -- since they've had great coverage on the Bush Library controversy at SMU, e.g. here.)

If you are not a Valentine's Day fan, you might find solace either in the Washington Post Book World's grouchy issue on love last Sunday, "Down with Love," or perhaps this vintage Valentine:
Here's a pretty cool reception,
At least you'll say there's no deception,
It says as plain as it can say,
Old fellow you'd best stop away.