Friday, April 11, 2014

Mehrotra et al. on LOTL on Citizenship and Taxation

Tax Day looms up again, and with it renewed interest in the history of taxation.  Just up on The Life of the Law is a podcast that includes a discussion of Notions of Citizenship and Taxation organized by LHB's recent guest blogger, Ajay Mehrotra.
One of Life of the Law’s new advisors, Ajay Mehrotra, is tax historian and associate dean at the University of Indiana’s Maurer School of Law. Professor Mehrotra invited some of his fellow scholars to talk about taxation and citizenship. You’ll hear him speaking with Duke University law professor Lawrence Zelenak; Molly Michelmore, an associate professor of history at Washington and Lee University; and Beth Pearson, a PhD candidate at the University of California Berkeley who’s studying the evolution of state tax laws.
[Update:  Even if you aren't particularly interested in taxation and its history, this is worth a listen to see how well a bunch of academics can create a public-radio-style discussion of a topic.  If Ajay Mehrotra ever decides to give up his day job, Robert Siegel had better watch out.  DRE.]