Sunday, April 29, 2007

5 blogs

Eric Muller at Is That Legal? was kind enough to tag the Legal History Blog as one of his "Five Blogs that Make Me Think." Having been given a Thinking Blogger Award, it is now my task to tag five blogs that I like. I am always a bit wary of anything that looks like a chain letter, but I am happy to point out a few blogs & bloggers you may or may not know that I value.

1. The Legal Theory Blog by Lawrence Solum is well-established and widely read, but I must note it because it is the principal inspiration for this blog. One of my aims was to do for legal history what LTB does for legal theory.

2. IntLawGrrls, which has great content on international affairs, and, with several co-bloggers, destroys the assumptions that women are not interested in 1. blogging, and 2. international law.

3. Out of the Jungle, a group blog, which has great posts on the world of libraries and information technology, for example developments on the Bush Presidential Library, and because legal historians simply depend on librarians.

4. Alfred Brophy, University of Alabama School of Law, at the PropertyProf Blog, a legal historian whose posts are always thoughtful and worth reading.

5. Feminist Law Professors, run by Ann Bartow at the University of South Carolina Law School, because it seems more essential than ever.

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Dean C. Rowan said...

Your complimentary comment about librarians and legal historical research is greatly appreciated. Thank you, too, for bringing our attention to Out of the Jungle, a blog of which I—a law librarian—have been embarrassingly unaware until now.

Since its inception, I have enjoyed Legal History Blog. It is probably the single blog I most frequently and enthusiastically recommend to students and faculty.