Sunday, April 8, 2007

Slavery 200 years after Abolition

IntLawGrrls covers a recent panel on "Slavery 200 Years After Abolition" at the American Society of International Law meeting. Speakers included Diane Marie Amann, Kevin Bales and Adrienne Davis, with Adrien Wing moderating. A summary with many helpful links is here.

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Unknown said...

Here's a story of the great bravery and courage of a rich young southern lawyer in the American Revolution. Yep NOT the Civil War. If he had succeeded we could have started making this horrid abomination right 230 years ago.

One thing this story doesn't tell you is that John Laurens made it very clear that this wasn't some pipe dream. He really hatred slavery and thought those who used the excuse that it was necessary for them to make a living were full of hot air.