Tuesday, January 3, 2012

York Church Court Records Online

According to BBC News, the York Cause Papers, which “record the proceedings of the ecclesiastical courts of York from 1300 to 1858,” have now been digitized and are available on line.  “The papers give detailed accounts of arguments ranging from church taxes on liquorice, roses and pigeon dung to rows over marriage, wills and inheritance.”


Otto Vervaart said...

At Connected Histories, the portal to many British digitized sources, the York Casue Papers are also said to be free accessible. The introduction to these records at http://www.connectedhistories.org/resource.aspx?sr=bc talks about document images, too, but when you check the project website you will find no images, only a link asking you to order copies of the dcouments involved. For now the project offers only a very interesting and useful catalogue of the York Cause Papers.

Dan Ernst said...

Thank you for this clarification.

Otto Vervaart said...

I continued to wonder about the announcement of the arrival of digital images of the York Cause Papers, but today I did find at last images attached to some cases. I guess we will have to wait patiently for more images.