Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Humanities and the Family at the University of Illinois-Chicago

The Institute for the Humanities at the University of Illinois at Chicago presents the conference "The Humanities and the Family," March 13-14, 2009, 750 South Halsted Street, Room 605 Student Center East, University of Illinois at Chicago. According to the announcement:
The conference will explore the contributions of the disciplines of the Humanities to debating and constructing ideas and representations of the family. Based on the premise that conceptions of the family are wide-ranging and continually transforming, the conference will ask what constitutes a family, examining this question from the perspective of history, literature, law, and ethics. Topics considered will include inheritance, marriage, work, religious and utopian communities, violence, children, the relation of the family to the community, the nation, and the state, and changing conceptions of genders and sexualities.
The keynote speakers are Daniel Boyarin, University of California, Berkeley, and Stephanie Coontz, The Evergreen State College. Other participants will include:

Toni Bowers, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Cobb, University of Toronto
Susan Glosser, Lewis & Clark College
Michael Grossberg, Indiana University Bloomington
Rachel Jean-Baptiste, University of Chicago
Ellen Lewin, University of Iowa
Jennifer Morgan, New York University
Lisa Norling, University of Minnesota
Susan Jennifer Pearson, Northwestern University
Renee Romano, Oberlin College
Mary Beth Rose, University of Illinois at Chicago
Peter Stearns, George Mason University
Steve Striffler, University of New Orleans
Joan Tronto, Graduate Center CUNY
Pamela Wojcik, University of Notre Dame

Hat tip: H-Law