Monday, January 12, 2009

Pickar on the Depression-Era Background of Bailouts

Over at the University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog, Randy Pickar, who is team-teaching a seminar on Bailouts with Douglas Baird and Todd Henderson, has posted some PowerPoint slides on the economics on the Great Depression and its aftermath, as well as a selection of New York Times front pages from the First Hundred Days. He explains:
I am doing a seminar on bailouts this quarter with Professors Baird and Henderson. The syllabus is evolving but is here if you are interested. I put together some introductory material on the 1930s for class last week; the newspaper headlines from the time of Roosevelt’s first inauguration are really quite striking. The powerpoint slides also include links to many of the statutes enacted during Roosevelt’s first 100 days, plus key bailout statutes such as both versions of the Frazier-Lemke Act.