Saturday, October 13, 2012

AJLH 52:4

Issue 52:4 (October 2012) of the American Journal of Legal History is out.  Its two articles are “‘Is It Legal?: A Forgotten Gem of British Television” by Robert M. Jarvis, and "Substantive Due Process: Continuation of Vested Rights?" by Laura Inglis.  Its twenty-nine book reviews include David Millon on Kathryn Preyer's Blackstone in America, David Seipp on Robert Paynell's Kings Bench Reports, Danaya Wright on J.R. Pole's Contract and Consent, Charles McKinney on Anders Walker's Ghost of Jim Crow, Ajay Mehrotra on Sheldon Pollack's War, Revenue and State Building, Kunal Parker on Christian Samito's Becoming American Under Fire, and Al Brophy on Barbara Young Welke's Law and the Borders of Belonging.