Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup

  • An audio summary of Colour-Coded: A Legal History of Racism in Canada, 1900-1950 (Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History) by Constance Backhouse is here.
  • With Halloween nearly upon us, we are especially grateful to Kasia Solon Cristobal, the Student Services Coordinator, at the Tarlton Law Library at the University of Texas School of Law for sending the link to a Washington Post article about ANC Explorer, a website and mobile app, for Arlington National Cemetery.  Cristobal writes, “I was struck by how many gravesites of Supreme Court justices can be viewed: Black, Blackmun, Brennan, Burger, Douglas, Goldberg, Holmes, Marshall, Rehnquist, Stewart, and Warren.”
  •  The fdr4freedoms Digital Resource of the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy, Inc., announces “the launch of the fdr4freedoms digital resource, a free on-line, multi-media resource on FDR, ER, the Great Depression, World War II and the Four Freedoms.  Organized around four themes: FDR in New York, the Presidency and the Great Depression, the Presidency and World War II, and the Four Freedoms Then and Now, the resource will offer users 60 content-rich, richly illustrated modules to explore on digital tablets (iPads, etc.) and smartphones. It also works on laptops and desktops when you use your arrow buttons to navigate the site.  Each module contains a 3-5 video produced for the site, an plethora of primary source material, and an illustrated narrative (written for students and the general public) that encourages users to explore the challenges the Roosevelt Administration faced and the various responses FDR, ER and the administration proposed to address the crises."  More.
  •  Of possible interest to legal historians is the Call for Papers for conference Contract as "Public Law" at the Intersection of Globalization and Privatization, to be held at Emory Law, on March 1-2, 2013.  Conveners are Martha Albertson Fineman (Emory Law), Hila Keren (Southwestern Law), and Teemu Ruskola (Emory Law).  Among the “Guiding Questions” in the call are “What relationships have been moved from status to contract and what is the justification for doing so?  Is this progress?”
The Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.