Monday, December 11, 2017

A New FJC "Famous Federal Trial": The Flag Salute Cases

First Graders Saluting the Flag, 1942 (LC)
Perhaps you, like me, have been unaware of the growing set of materials on Famous Federal Trials that the Federal Judicial History Office of the Federal Judicial Center has produced over the years.  I gather that most or all were prepared "Federal Trials and Great Debates in U.S. History," a summer institute for teachers that the FJC runs in partnership with the American Bar Association Division for Public Education.  Just out is Gobitis v. Minersville School District and Barnette v. West Virginia State Board of Education: The Flag Salute Cases, by by Winston Bowman, Associate Historian, Federal Judicial History Office, Federal Judicial Center.  The others are:

U.S. v. Lyon, U.S. v. Cooper, and U.S. v. Callender: The Sedition Act Trials
U.S. v. Aaron Burr: The Treason Trial
U.S. v. The Amistad: The Mende Slave Revolt.
Ex parte Merryman: Habeas Corpus During the Civil War
U.S. v. Susan B. Anthony: The Fight for Women's Suffrage
Chew Heong v. U.S.: Chinese Exclusion and the Federal Courts
In re Eugene V. Debs: The Pullman Strike and American Railway Union Boycott.
Olmstead v. U.S.: The Prohibition Trial of a Seattle Bootlegger.
U.S. v. Julius Rosenberg: The Atomic Spy Trial
Bush v. Orleans Parish School Board: The Desegregation of New Orleans Public Schools
U.S. v. Dellinger: The Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial