Thursday, December 7, 2017

National History Center Panels at AHA (and a Landmark LHB Post)

The National History Center yesterday sent out a list of its panels at the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association next month in Washington, DC.  Links to the sessions are here.

Thursday, January 4
Understanding the Past to Plan the Future: Historical Inquiry and Philanthropic Grant-Making
History and Public Policy Centers: A Roundtable Discussion

Friday, January 5
The End of the Palestine Mandate
What Does Brexit Mean for British History?
Documenting the History of the First Federal Congress
Remembering Marilyn Young, Activist Historian: A Memorial Panel

Saturday, January 6
Federal Government Historians and the Public
The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Big History (AKA Big History Meets the History of Science)
Executive Orders and Presidential Power since FDR
NHC Reception

Sunday, January 7
Nationalism: Notions and Practices

[Cue the confetti: This is the 10,000 post on Legal History Blog!]