Monday, December 4, 2017

Law Text Culture v. 21: "Law As . . . Minor Jurisprudence in Historical Key"

Volume 21 of Law Text Culture is out, and it contains much to interest our readers. Guest edited by my Berkeley Law colleague Christopher Tomlins, the volume brings together essays presented at the most recent "Law As..." conference. The theme of that conference was "Law As . . . Minor Jurisprudence in Historical Key." Here's the TOC.
Contents, Contributions and Introduction, LTC, volume 21  Christoper Tomlins 
Law As … IV: Minor Jurisprudence in Historical Key. An Introduction  Christopher Tomlins 
How Strange the Change from Major to Minor  Peter Goodrich 
Making Sense of Minor Jurisprudence  Mark Antaki 
Manuel Quintín Lame: Legal Thought as Minor Jurisprudence  Julieta Lemaitre 
Toward a Self-Reflexive Law? Narrating Torture’s Legality in Human Rights Litigation  Natalie R. Davidson 
On the Magic of Law  Laurent de Sutter 
‘Life Grasps Life’: Wilhelm Dilthey’s Minor Jurisprudence  Panu Minkkinen 
Conditions of Carriage: Finding a Place  Shaun McVeigh 
Law As…Forest: Eco-logic, Stories and Spirits in Indigenous Jurisprudence  Kirsten Anker 
Legal Footprints / Legal Footprints in Redfern: A photoessay of Carol Ruff’s ‘40,000 Years’ Mural in Lawson Street, Redfern, Sydney, Australia  Olivia Barr 
A Minor Jurisprudence of Spectacular War: Law As Eye in the Sky  Jothie Rajah 
Law as Minor Jurisprudence: Is it a Mistake?  Genevieve Renard Painter
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