Tuesday, December 12, 2017

CFP: Key Biographies in the Legal History of European Union 1950-1993

[We have the following Call for Papers.]

Key Biographies in the Legal History of European Union 1950-1993

Frankfurt/Main, 21-22 June 2018

"Legal History of the European Union" is a recently established research field at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History at Frankfurt. The MPIeR attempts to situate the history of European law in a longue durée perspective, with a strong comparative dimension and taking into account the broader political and socio-economic context.

The activities of the research group include the organization of an annual conference. Last year's conference explored the legal history and the travaux préparatoires of the 1957 Rome Treaties. The conference proceedings are currently being prepared for publication.

The 2018 conference will scrutinize the history of European law with a distinct focus on professional biographies, both of key personalities in the history of European integration and of less prominent actors - national, transnational and European.

Panels may include, but are not necessarily restricted to the following topics:

Negotiators of European treaties from 1950 until the present-day

Actors involved in the constitutional practice of the European Court of Justice

Member-state representatives dealing with the national reception of European law or counteracting the ECJ's constitutional practice

Scholars from the emerging academic field of "European law" or "European Studies" in the wider sense and their interpretations of European law

Members of European movements, lobbies, media or other professional organizations involved in the process of European Union

We welcome proposals of not more than 150 words by 15th January 2018. Please email your proposal and a short CV to bajon@rg.mpg.de.

Professor Stefan Vogenauer
Dr. Philip Bajon