Sunday, July 1, 2007

American Society for Legal History: Preliminary Program for Annual Meeting now available

The Preliminary Program for the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History is now available on H-Law. The meeting will be held October 25-28 in Tempe, Arizona. Meeting and registration information is here.

Program highlights include:

A panel on Governing American Sexuality with Chris Capozolla, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Margot Canaday, Princeton; Mary Ann Case, University of Chicago; Colin Robert, Indiana University, Bloomington; and Hendrik Hartog, Princeton University.

A panel on Social Control in Ancient Societies: Norms, Contracts, and Fundamental Law with Adam Chodorow, Arizona State University; Pamela Barmash, Washington University; Adriaan Lanni, Harvard Law School; Geoff Miller, New York University; Steven Johnstone, University of Arizona.

A panel on Episodes in the History of Modern Territorialism with Kal Raustiala, UCLA School of Law; Ralf Michaels, Duke University School of Law; Teemu Ruskola, American University; Clyde Spillenger, UCLA School of Law; and Mathias Riemann, University of Michigan Law School.

A panel on Colonialism in South Asia: Property, Personhood, and the State of Exception with Elizabeth Kolsky, Villanova University; Karuna Mantena, Yale University; Anupama Rao, Barnard College; and Kunal Parker, Cleveland State University.

A panel on Religion and Activism in Twentieth-Century Law with Linda Przybyszewski, University of Notre Dame; Nathan Oman, William & Mary Law School; Victoria Saker Woeste, America Bar Foundation; Sarah Barringer Gordon, University of Pennsylvania Law School; and Philip Goff, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

A Plenary Session with Paul Brand, Oxford University, “Thirteenth-century English Royal Justices: What We Know and Do Not Know About What They Did.”

Multiple panels on "The Craft of Legal History," featuring many legal history luminaries.

And much more.

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