Friday, January 29, 2010

New Blog: Settler Colonial Studies

A new blog, Settler Colonial Studies, has just been launched by Edward Cavanagh. Here's a description:
Settlers are more than just colonisers. They are founders of political orders and exclusivist economic regimes. Settler colonialism is ubiquitous, as much a thing of the past as a thing of the present. This blog seeks to advance a critical appraisal of settler colonialism as a distinct and separate form. It follows scholarly developments that contribute to a greater historical awareness of this phenomenon within the disciplines of history and law, indigenous and colonial/postcolonial studies, as well as economics, politics, sociology and philosophy. Historical awareness, however, should always be accompanied by an awareness of the present. Therefore contemporary developments are also important to recognise.

Scholars are invited to submit information on upcoming conferences and calls for papers; information about their publications; reflections on the implications of their own work and the environment in which it will feature; and short reviews and opinions of conferences, monographs, edited collections, journal articles and features, legal developments and contemporary struggles.

Edward Cavanagh
Melbourne, Australia.
Visit the website at

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