Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Republic launches book blog

The New Republic has launched a new web enterprise: The Book. TNR Executive Editor Isaac Chotiner writes:
Like every other magazine and newspaper, we have spent the past decade developing a website to complement and enrich the content that appears in the print magazine. Most of that web content has focused on politics and breaking news. The time has come to break out of that necessary but constraining box. To that end, we are launching The Book: An Online Review at The New Republic....

The first thing to know about The Book is that it is a supplement to our print content–an attempt to apply the new technology to the old and untarnished purposes. While our online book review will certainly be lively, it will not be significantly more relaxed than our magazine itself. We are not slumming here, or surrendering to the carnival of the web. Quite the contrary. We are hoping to offer an example of resistance to it....Here you will find criticism, not blogging; pieces, not posts. Four or five times a week we will publish a new review of a new book.
At the top of The Book today is a review of Churchill by Paul Johnson.

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