Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On YouTube: Constitutional History and the Administrative State

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was participating in a conference on The Constitution and the Administrative State: Past, Present, and Future at Stanford's Constitutional Law Center. Video of the conference is now up on YouTube, including the panel Constitutional History and the Administrative State, on which I spoke alongside Aditya Bamzai, Michele Dauber, and Peter Strauss, with Robert W. Gordon moderating.


Shag from Brookline said...

I enjoyed the video of the panel Dan was on. My ears perked up when first Michele Dauber and then Dan made several references to Thomas Reed Powell and his "contributions" to the New Deal. In the Falll of 1952 I took Powell's ConLaw course. This was a time of political change with the presidential campaign that Ike eventually won over Stevenson. We students had some ideal of Powell's role in the New Deal although he did not talk about it to any extent. I eagerly await the availability of the papers for this conference, as well as Dan's project on the roles of lawyers during the New Deal. Much is known about Frankfurter's role but not enough about that of Powell. A few years back Prof. Teachout had planned a bio of Powell that has not come to fruition. Both Michele and Dan gave us a taste of how legal academics may have have influenced their young former students who served in the New Deal, perhaps their first legal jobs after law school. I wonder if current legal academics play a similar role.

Dan Ernst said...

Shag, I certainly thought of our exchanges on TRP when I wrote my comments. Dan