Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Video of Federalist Society Bork Conference on-line

A recent Federalist Society conference on the work of judge and legal scholar Robert H. Bork is now posted on the Federalist Society website. Here's the announcement:
A Conference Discussing the Contributions of Judge Robert H. Bork
As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration the Federalist Society presented a full-day Conference honoring Judge Robert H. Bork and his contributions to the law. The conference featured a live conversation with Judge Bork, conducted by Judge Raymond Randolph, panel discussions on International Law, Law and Culture, Judicial Philosophy, and Antitrust Law, a luncheon and a closing reception. This event took place on June 26 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.
The program and links to video of this event are here. Hat tip.
Unfortunately the Federalist Society was unable to include any women among the nineteen participants. Perhaps there weren't any qualified women, or maybe it's that women, for cultural reasons, choose not to pursue speaking engagements like this?

UPDATE: More of the same from Eric Muller. Maybe they just need help meeting girls. Here's a better source for that.

Another update: It looks as if the local chapters emulate the national. On Monday, you can hear an all-male panel in Seattle discuss the Seattle school case, or an all-male panel in New York discuss terrorism cases.


RB Glennie said...

is that all you got - "maybe they have trouble meeting women"?

Unknown said...

Last February's student symposium in which 4 out of 25 speakers were female was apparently a high water mark:

John Fast said...

I strongly agree with you that the Federalist Society is biased against womyn, which is why they held an all-male panel, just like the sexist "American Constitution Society" which also holds all male panels on terrorism jurisprudence. (And the ACS is even worse, because they claim to be liberals.)