Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wednesday Roundup: More Legal Historians on Dobbs and Bruen

Here are some more legal historians in the public forum on Bruen and Dobbs whom we've spotted since our Sunday Roundup.  On Bruen: Adam Winkler interviewed on cherry-picked history in the New Yorker. On Dobbs: Eric Freedman's "Hari-Kari on First Street" (Justitia).  Ariela Gross on the parallel to comity and fugitive slaves in the antebellum United States  (NBC News).  Richard F. Hamm on what Prohibition tells us about returning abortion to the states (HNN).  Joanna L. Grossman on "The End of Roe" (Verdict).  And today at 12:30 EDT, Mary Ziegler with The Atlantic’s executive editor, Adrienne LaFrance and David French in a live virtual event: "The Big Story: After Roe."  Register here.  Professor Ziegler is also on a panel sponsored by the University of Texas School of Law, moderated by Steve Vladeck, at 12:30 EDT on Friday, July 1.  Register here.

Also: David D. Cole, Michelle Bratcher Goodwin, and others on “The Dobbs Decision” at 2:00 EDT today in a webinar sponsored by Georgetown Law.  Register here.

--Dan Ernst