Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mohr on Founding the Irish Free State

Thomas Mohr, Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin, has posted The Foundation of the Irish State on 6 December 1922:

This article examines the importance of 6 December 1922 as the foundation date of the Irish State. It does so through analysis of the reaction of contemporary media to events on that date and the days that surrounded it. The importance of this date is highlighted by its inseparable connection with three major themes in the history of the early years of the Irish State. These are the Civil War, partition and acceptance of Dominion status under the 1921 Treaty. This article also analyses media reaction to the 1922 Constitution of the Irish Free State that formally came into force on 6 December 1922. It also examines the reaction of a selection of foreign media to the birth of the Irish State. The analysis includes hopes for the future of the new State expressed in contemporary media. The article concludes that, although the date of 6 December 1922 has not been the subject of substantial commemoration in the decades that followed, the significance ascribed to it by people alive at the time underlines its importance as the birth date of the self-governing Irish State.
--Dan Ernst