Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Breaking History: An SCHS Interview Series

[We have the following announcement from the Supreme Court Historical Society.  DRE]

The [Supreme Court Historical] Society is pleased to announce that we have a new feature on our website and YouTube Channel highlighting the groundbreaking scholarship published in the Journal of Supreme Court History. On our website ... you will find New Scholarship: Breaking History, that includes short video interviews with scholars spotlighting new work in Supreme Court history. These video interviews will further amplify the written word by allowing scholars to discuss what is new and interesting about their articles. Interviews are conducted by the Editor of the Journal, Timothy S. Huebner, who is the Irma O. Sternberg Professor of History at Rhodes College.

[Already posted are interviews with Craig Alan Smith, Christopher Brooks, John G. Browning, James Feldman, and Rachel A. Shelden.]