Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Israeli Legal History Bibliography

[We have the following announcement.  DRE.]

The David Berg Foundation Institute for Law and History at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law maintains a bibliography of secondary sources on Israeli legal history. We are currently embarking on another round of updates (the last was in 2020), and we would welcome help in bringing publications, whether new or previously overlooked, to our attention.

We are looking for publications, in any language, with a substantial connection to the legal history of Israel, beginning with the late Ottoman period (from c. 1800) up to the year 2000. If you work in the field, we'd appreciate your looking over the current list and sending us bibliographic information on any sources we're currently missing.

Please send information on sources or any questions to Ms. Asil Sager ( or to

[H/t: H-Law]