Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opening: Philip Agee Papers

Via H-Law, we have the following announcement:
Tamiment Library Exhibit Opening: Philip Agee Papers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
For those who are unfamiliar with Agee, here's an excerpt from a 2008 New York Times obituary:
Philip Agee, the former Central Intelligence Agency officer who turned against the agency and spent years exposing undercover American spies overseas, died Monday in Havana. He was 72.
. . . .
Mr. Agee, whose disillusionment with his work at the agency led him to embrace leftist views, had spent nearly four decades as an avowed enemy of American foreign policy and particularly of the covert intelligence work that supported it.
. . . .

His 1975 book, “Inside the Company: CIA Diary,” infuriated American officials by identifying about 250 officers, front companies and foreign agents working for the United States. His example inspired several more books and magazines, including Covert Action Information Bulletin, written by close associates and sometimes with Mr. Agee’s help, which published the names and often the addresses of hundreds more agency officers working under cover around the world.

The exposés of Mr. Agee and others led Congress to pass the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, which made it a crime to intentionally reveal the identity of a covert intelligence officer.
The Tamiment Library is located at 70 Washington Square South (between LaGuardia and Green), 10th floor, New York, New York. To RSVP please contact:

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Anonymous said...

We know you're alive, Phil! You're not fooling anybody. You had better stay hidden away and not cause any more problems if you know what's good for you, Philip Agee.

Anonymous said...

there are rumors about philip agee living in secret in la paz, bolivia--just like butch and sundance!--and montevideo, uruguay. more rumors about philip agee "on the run" on a fake australian visa. he passes himself off as an australian national raised in wyoming to taunt dick cheney and his oil buddies. philip agee has not lost his sense of humor. he had better stay in hiding.

George Charamba said...

I just got off the phone with Philip Agee. He is vacationing in Martinique under a fake name. He finally told me why he faked his death and went into hiding. Langley told him about what was going to happen with Wikileaks. They offered him a retirement package, including some shares in Siberian oil fields. The Cubans and Russians thought it would be better for Philip Agee to retire in secret because of the sensitive nature of Wikuileaks, and Phil's past activities in revealing sources and methods. Phil said he did not want to bear the heat for Wikileaks and was getting tired of living life looking over his shoulder. He laughed like hell when I confronted him if he had advanced knowledge of Wikileaks. He did not deny it. He knows how to stay off everybody's radar. He has taken up photographing naked women in their twenties. Giselle likes it because his hiding out has spiced up their marriage. They always wanted to live like swingers.

Patrick Chinamasa said...

The Central Intelligence Organization of Zimbabwe was informed by Philip Agee in an ultra-secret video conference that he knew about the story today, regarding Ted Kennedy and brothels. Leon Panetta called Philip Agee at his villa in La Paz, Bolivia to OK the disclosure of this information. It serves somebody's arcane interests, but we have yet to clarify the situation. Philip Agee is in fairly good health, but he is taking too much Viagra for man his age. He takes naked pictures of young female tourists, disguising himself as a Romanian prince in hiding. He drinks too much for a man with a history of ulcers. However, he is usually quite sober. The reports of him being a drunk are highly inaccurate. We told him to stay in hiding and not cause any problems. He laughed and said to read his obituary.